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School Hours
Bell Times  
Morning bell 8.30am (Teacher on duty)
Class begins 9.00am
Lunch is 11.30 am – 12.20pm
Recess is 1.35pm – 2.00pm
School ends 3.00pm
Office hours: 8.30am – 3.30pm

Students are encouraged to wear school uniform at all times to encourage a sense of community and identification with the schools values. Wide brimmed Ultimo PS Bucket hats are the accepted item of headwear. The uniform shop can be accessed online through the school’s website. Once your order has been processed it will be ready for collection from the school office. If you prefer you can request to have it left in your child’s school bag when it is ready. Alternatively uniforms are on sale from the school canteen Monday and Tuesday mornings from 8.30am – 9.00am. The school also sells second hand uniforms at very low prices - please ask at the canteen if you wish to purchase any of these items or if you wish to donate items of uniform to the school.

Wet Weather
During wet weather students stay in the classroom. Before school all students go straight to their classroom when they arrive at school. (Children must not arrive before 8.30am). The school encourages raincoats and hats rather than umbrellas.
Should your child become sick and be unable to attend school, you can go online and complete an absence report for the class teacher. Alternatively on his/her return, you can write a brief note to the class teacher, explaining the nature of the illness and the date away. You do not need to phone the school, unless the illness is an infectious disease or particularly serious and the absence is expected to extend more than three days. You must contact the school immediately of infectious diseases such as chicken pox, measles, German measles, mumps, whooping cough or conjunctivitis and impetigo.
The school canteen is open Monday to Friday. Lunch orders are placed at the canteen in the morning.
Homework is designed to consolidate what your child is learning in the classroom. Each grade has different expectations of the type and quantity of homework completed each week. Class teachers will inform you of their expectations.
Parent/Teacher Interviews and Student Reports

A child’s successful schooling depends on close cooperation between the school and parents and teachers welcome the opportunity to speak with parents about a student’s progress. It is important to ring the school first or speak to the class teacher directly to make an appointment time. This allows the teacher to set aside sufficient time to speak with you without interruption.

Kindergarten parents will have an interview with their child’s teacher early in the year so that parents can share important information about their child with the teacher.

All parents will be given the opportunity to speak with their child’s teacher at the mid-year parent interviews.

Detailed written reports about student’s progress are sent out twice per year, in June and December.

Our formal school assemblies are held every Friday from 2:00pm to 2:45pm in the Assembly Hall. Parents and other families are most welcome to attend - and the entire school is in attendance. Parents are welcome to attend.

Each class presents the Assembly and performs at two assemblies throughout the year. Class teachers will inform you of the times for these. A short information Assembly is held every Monday from 9:00am – 9:10am.

After School Care
After School Care is provided by the Ultimo Community Centre and the Pyrmont Community Centre, which are run by theCity of Sydney Council. Please call 9298 3111(Ultimo)and 92928 3132 ( Pyrmont) Students who attend After School Care line up in the playground and are supervised until the ultimo or Pyrmont Community Centre Staff collect them
After school 3.00pm – 6.00pm
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Copyrights © 2018 Glenmore Road PS . All Rights Reserved