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(sent out 6 May 2020 to parents via email)


To our wonderful school community, 

We hope you all had a good break and are settling back into Term 2 whether your child/ren are at School or learning from home. It has been a challenging period for many families and we hope to move to a slightly more normal routine this term.  

Although many of the usual activities for our school community will not happen this term we are planning for when we are back to normal.

Your P&C (Sally, Sarah, Sinead, Dan, Jess & Imogen)


P&C Survey results 

Thank you for all those who completed the P&C survey.  The results have been very informative and useful to the new P&C Committee and can be summarised quite simply by saying you want the P&C to be welcoming, inclusive and transparent.  You want to be supported and informed about what is happening and how to best organise your child/ren’s school life.  And you want the P&C to foster a sense of community, connection and friendship. 

As a whole new team, we have no history on the P&C, so we have a lovely opportunity to go back to basics and listen to the ideas and concerns of parents. 

For our first action, we are going to build a map (of sorts) to detail how the P&C enhances the school experience for every child.  We will map out how all the activities, clubs, sports and arts are organised and how you can get involved for you and your child/ren.  

Then we will summarise the different roles and responsibilities of the Principal, teachers, School Council and P&C so we can communicate how it all fits together. We will implement a FAQ that can help you navigate the right person to talk to, and the right process to follow to escalate any issues.  

In preparation for the next P&C meeting, we are exploring ways to make it more welcoming and constructive as possible.  We know your time is precious so we are looking at crafting a new agenda to make it worth your while to attend.  It is important for us to attract and hear from the silent majority and hear the diversity of opinions and ideas. 

Finally, we understand that it is important that we develop fundraising goals in consultation with the Principal, the teachers and parents.  The areas of priority should enhance the experience for our child/ren whether this be STEM, classroom tech, literacy, play areas, sport or music.  We also appreciate that many families also want the school’s fundraising efforts and events to be about fostering community spirit and friendships.  More than ever the importance of a strong school community and wider community support is critical.  

The future of GRPS is very bright and we are excited!

P&C Meetings postponed  

As mentioned last term the GRPS P&C are unable to hold virtual meetings as there is no constitutional enabler for virtual meetings.  

Uniform Shop 

This is a reminder that the GRPS winter uniform should now be worn.  

  • All can wear shorts or long pants and the polo (long or short sleeve). 
  • Girls can also wear the tunic (not summer dress) or skirt with a polo (long or short sleeve) with socks or tights. 

The GRPS Uniform shop will continue to be open from 8.45- 9.45 am on Wednesdays this term.  There will also be some second-hand uniforms available for sale.  The uniform shop is located at the side of the hall near the Cambridge Street gates.  Naomi (who runs the Uniform Shop) and her team are always happy to answer any of your questions about the GRPS uniform.  

The uniform Shop online is found at https://glenmoreroadpublicschool.com/PandC/store/.  Uniforms ordered online are collected from the School office once the order is ready.  We apologise to anyone who tried to order a uniform earlier in the week as the website was down.  The website is now back up and running.  If anyone has any further issues they can contact the uniform shop on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Call for volunteers 

The hardworking GRPS Uniform Shop team are looking for volunteers to assist them.  There are a number of tasks you can do to help whether it be washing second-hand uniforms, helping in the shop or fulfilling online orders.  Please reach out to Naomi on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to help.  

School Banking update  

Due to COVID-19, Comm Bank has temporarily paused School Banking until normal operating rhythms of the school resumes.  

Tuckerbox reminder 

Just a reminder that the Tuckerbox is a fantastic initiative to provide meals for our school community who may need added support.  If you or someone you know needs some help please reach out to Vanessa on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0423 702 653. 

Mother’s Day 2020 

Due to the current school situation we are unable to hold the normal Mother’s Day celebrations. 

We do want to let you know about the Paddington Mother’s Day competition.  

Just buy something at a Paddington cafe, restaurant or store displaying the  #paddotogether Mother’s Day flower in their shop front window and fill in the entry form.  You can also enter online through the website localeastmagazine.com.au. You'll go into the draw for a chance to win some fabulous local Paddington prizes for Mothers! 

This initiative was created by Harriet Price (Woollahra Councillor and ex-GRPS Mother/volunteer extraordinaire) and two local  business women (and GRPS Mother’s) - Elizabeth Meryment and Ainslie Curran.  Thank you for reminding us of the importance of shopping local!  



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